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Monday, November 29, 2004

Happy belated Thanksgiving,y'all.

You know what's bothersome?

For weeks I haven't had much to say on the blog. Ideas just haven't come to me, so rather than write something stupid or post a lame personality test or something, I simply didn't post anything.

I'm a firm believer in not talking if you don't really have anything to say.

Now, however, I have a story I want to tell. I think it's a story that needs to be told, full of action, adventure, intrigue, and really wild things.

It could even blow the lid off an international conspiracy poised to destroy life as we know it and install a figurehead government bent on developing a new world order in which we all follow the dictates of a "star spokesman" for an all-seeing, all-knowing spiritual power.

Sadly, the quarter is drawing to a close, so I have all kinds of "responsibilities " to meet and so-called "duties" to perform.

Also, I'm almost close to finishing Thief II: The Metal Age on my PC at home.

My story will be told, though. Hopefully, this week.

And it'll be a doozy.

Stay tuned.